How To Choose A Professional Tile Cleaning Company

Having a professional tile cleaning company maintain or restore your tile is a great choice for any home or commercial property. While there are DIY cleaning and polishing products available on the market, professional cleaning companies will be able to clean your tiles in a way that no amount of home scrubbing or buffing will be able to compare to.

With a wide range of cleaning companies throughout Chicago and surrounding suburbs, choosing the right one can be difficult. Here are a few questions to ask on how to choose a professional tile cleaning company for your home or business:

Do They Work On Your Type Of Tile?

Not all tile is the same, and not all companies provide cleaning for every type of tile. From ceramic and limestone tiles to marble, granite, and onyx tiles and everything in between, there are more than a dozen types of popular tiles on the market. Make sure the company you choose specializes in the type of tile or natural stone flooring you have. (view our work –

How Much Experience Do They Have?

Experience is very important when having your tile cleaned. Not only do you want to check how long the company has been around for (which should, at least, be a few years so you aren’t a guinea pig), make sure that the actual team at the company are experienced. A company that is only 4 years old made up of members with 10 years of experience may be a better option than a company and crew that only has 6 years of experience. (meet our staff –

Are They Upfront About Pricing?

Pricing is important when choosing a professional tile cleaning company. When choosing someone to work on your home, make sure they are upfront and transparent about their costs. If they do not want to give an estimate with all of the details early you may be in for a surprise with hidden costs, something that no one wants. (see our pricing & services –

If You Are In Chicago Or Surrounding Suburbs, Consider

CSI-Absolute Clean, Inc. 

With a highly qualified team of professionals with over 15 years of experience, CSI Absolute Clean is a trusted choice for anyone in need of a professional tile cleaning company. We specialize in all types of natural stone and can perform tile and grout cleaning, restoration, maintenance, and much more.

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