4 Steps Of Professional Marble Restoration

Marble polishing & Marble Cleaning are 2 seperate services that are often misused. Marble polishing is actually part of a process called marble restoration. Marble cleaning is often the term used for daily or interum cleaning performed  prior to resealing marble. Let me explain more about the marble restoration process: 

If your marble is extremely dull, has deep scratches, or has never been properly maintained, you may not be able to get the shine or results you are looking for with DIY products. In some cases, especially if there are extremely deep stains or scratches, the only way to restore your marble floors to look as good as they once did is to have professional marble restoration. If you have professional marble restoration done, here are the 4 steps that typically take place:


Grinding is perhaps the most important step of the entire process. During the grinding stage, your professional marble restoration team will use commercial equipment to grind down the outer surface of the marble floor until it is even and there is no longer any roughness. In most cases this will remove deep scratches and stains within the marble tiles.


While grinding evens out the floor and grinds down some scratches, honing is the process during marble restoration that eliminates micro scratches and any stains that may be left after grinding. After honing the floor will look uniform and begin to shine and in some cases this is the first step of the process if grinding is not necessary.


Polishing is the process of shining up the floor and is done with very small graded diamond polishing pads. If you do not need extensive marble restoration and only need to remove small scratches or add more shine to your floor, polishing may be all that is necessary.


Even finer graded diamond pads are used during the final stages of marble restoration. During the buffing phase, the marble floor is buffed to be as shiny as you would like and finally a crystallization finishing process is used to help seal the marble floor after restoration.

Ultimately the process of marble restoration for your floor is grinding down the outer surface of the marble floor with smaller grades of diamonds during each step. This removes the outer, worn layers of the stone and presents new stone as the surface which is polished, buffed, and sealed.

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